Leases of commercial premises

If you are intending to rent a shop, offices or other commercial premises, we will:

  • work with your accountants and other advisers to ensure that all tax and other issues are addressed
  • check the terms of the lease and advise you of your rights and obligations, including obligations to repair, maintain and insure the premises
  • advise you whether a full survey, or simply a schedule of condition, of the premises should be obtained
  • check with the local authority to see whether there are any planning issues and, if required, refer you to planning consultants for further advice
  • obtain other reports if required by you, such as water and drainage services reports; coal mining reports, contaminated land reports etc.
  • when you are happy with the terms of the lease, arranging for the documents to be signed and (if the lease is for more than seven years) registering it with the Land Registry